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Student Life
Student Life

The Beginner class is designed for those students who have never played golf. To progress to the next class, a student must master the basic golf essentials such as etiquette, club handling and golf terminology.

The Intermediate class progresses to the advanced level after demonstrating the ability to perform in competition, significant improvement in golf skills and knowledge, and displaying leadership characteristics.

The Advanced class must demonstrate leadership skills and characteristics and will be required to assist with Friday night instruction. They will participate in class preparation and class demonstration and instruction. They will also compete in other youth or adult tournaments.



Munatsi, recent graduate of the Tee-Lo Golf, Class of 2013. He is a golfer by proven skills but a future Nascar driver at heart. It has been a pleasure to see an excellent role model of a student grow into a confident young man over the years. He has established his ability to lead through setting his priorities and seeing them accomlished. We are proud and wish him much success in life.

Shane, a recent graduate of the Tee-Lo Golf, Class of 2013. He was able to obtain a position on the Lake Highland Prep golf team. His passion and determination for achieving success is evident in the goals already accomplished. He is an excellent student and we know that he will be an exceptional doctor. We are delighted to have taught such a student as him and wish him much success in life.


Golf Instruction Schedule
4:00pm - 7:00pm
PGA Instruction
Locations may vary

6:30pm - 8:00pm
Class Room Instruction
Locations may vary

10:00am - 12 Noon
Course Access
Locations may vary

Rules & Guidelines

Proper dress code
Be on time to all activities
Think safety at all times
Respect yourself and others
Attend school regularly
Be drug free
Exhibit a positive attitude
Have a desire to learn
Always give 100%

Class Act

Life Skills with Monica Woods

Monica Woods has been teaching our student life skills for over five years. Class is provided on the 2nd Friday of the month. Our students receive instruction for following: personal introduction skills for public speaking, personal grooming, table etiquette, interviewing skills, and drug awareness education.